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Andres Torres Home RunWhen it comes to hitting, and as I discuss in My Experience with Andres Torres, I have helped a number of clients get to and stick in the major leagues. I'm also the instructional coordinator for our youth league.

As a result, my hitting materials cover a wide range of ages and topics.

I've been working on and updating a number of my pieces...

Chris O'Leary on Hitting

I have years of experience teaching hitters, coaches, and audiences of all ages about the truth about the baseball swing and how to hit a baseball.


Tommy Pham 2015.10.9 Home RunAndres Torres was my first hitting client and put up 6.5 fWAR in 2010.

Most recently, I worked with Tommy Pham of the St. Louis Cardinals.

I also worked with Mark Trumbo and helped him prepare him for his breakout 2016 season.

Simplest Swing

Joe MauerHitting can be complicated.

Because the high-level swing is VERY complicated.

For a good reason.

But what if someone you know or coach is trying to learn how to just make contact?

That's why I've put together my FREE Hitting Primer, which describes what I call the Simplest Swing.

Albert Pujols Swing

Albert Pujols SwingI got my start in the world of Hitting trying to understand Albert Pujols' swing.

It was quickly clear that he was going to be one of the great hitters, but I couldn't understand what I was seeing. He broke every rule about Hitting that I had been taught.

Fortunately, I was smart enough to abandon what I had been taught and just study what Albert Pujols did.

Over the years, I have produced a number of flipbooks and other analyses of Albert Pujols' swing and, as I come out with new ones, I tend to make the old ones available for FREE.

Bat Drag

Bat DragAre you working with a hitter who used to hit for power and average but, around 5th grade, stopped hitting?

A hitter who hits everything to the opposite field? Who can't pull the ball to save their life? Who has a huge uppercut that you just can't fix, no matter what you try?

They may have Bat Drag, the leading killer of swings and dreams.

For both baseball and fast-pitch players.

My sons' struggles with Bat Drag, and the fact that nothing I tried worked, was the thing that drove me to understand the high-level swing.

Fixing Bat DragFixing Bat Drag combines everything I have learned in the subsequent ten years of fixing the Bat Drag in my sons' swings and the swings of their friends and teammates and is GUARANTEED to work.

Hitting & Throwing Basics

I am constantly asked if I have any products for younger players. As a result, I have created Hitting & Throwing Basics which is designed to get young baseball and softball players on track and, just importantly, help their parents and coaches keep them from getting off track.

About the Author

The ideas discussed in this and my related pieces on Hitting...

...have helped transform the swings, approaches, and careers of multiple major leagues hitters. With my help...

As Andres Torres said in 2012...

I know about training, but hitting was difficult. And then in ’08... There’s a guy called Chris O’Leary (a St. Louis fan who kept online flipbooks breaking down Pujols’ swing). He’s online. He talks about Rotation. He's got video examples of Pujols, and I watched those.
- Andres Torres 2012

Most recently, I helped reinvigorate the offense of HSSU, an NAIA baseball team and HBC for whom I was the Hitting Coordinator from February 2016 thru February 2017.





























While it pains me to see the guys at HSSU regress since I left, I hope it makes it clear that I know what I'm talking about.

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