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By now, you most likely know about the Catholic sex abuse crisis; the sexual abuse of countless -- perhaps ONE MILLION in just the U.S. -- children by thousands of priests of the Catholic Church.

But do you know what's being done to survivors?


Despite 2002 and the Dallas Charter.


And 2018 and the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report.

And Vos Estis, Pope Francis' bill of rights for survivors.

The cruel reality of the Catholic sex abuse crisis, in St. Louis and elsewhere, is that too many survivors receive NOTHING in terms of help.

At best.

The Abuse of the Abused

I'm a survivor in St. Louis and I continue to be subject to a... the Archdiocese of St. Louis, despite my bringing it to the attention of my (arch) bishop in a March 26, 2019 meeting...

...and asking him to end it.

Twice, now.

That — and FAR worse — psychological abuse, on top of my sexual abuse as a child by Fr. LeRoy Valentine, is just part of what was, and is still being, done to me and other survivors. Further abuse that began when we went to our (arch) dioceses for help understanding, and recovering from, the sexual exploitation and abuse we experienced as children.

How could that be?

In part, it's because the now leadership of the Catholic Church, including...

...are trying to cover up their past misdeeds.

If not crimes.


Yes, the Catholic sex abuse scandal was terrible but, at least, it's a thing of the past.


  1. Kids are Safer.
  2. Survivors are Getting Help.


While kids ARE safer, in too many cases survivors are receiving little to no help.

At best.

I first discussed (some of) what was done to me when I tried to get help from ArchStL in...

...but things haven't gotten any better.

If you'd rather listen to or watch me explain what I mean by "the abuse of the abused," you've got two other options...

And, in case you're wondering whether the Vatican, Rome, and the Pope care what's being done to survivors, I've notified them twice...

...but they simply don't care.

In Sum

What do I mean when I talk about the abuse of the abused?

  • Failure to Assist Survivors
  • Smear Campaigns
  • Stonewalling
  • Lying
  • Gaslighting
  • Making False Allegations to the Police
  • Exposing Confidential Information

I discuss specific acts of abuse of the abused in detail in a number of pieces.