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On July 18, 2019 I was tweeting about how the protests of Catholics against President Trump's immigration policies were affecting me.

How they made me feel.

How they made me wonder why Catholics care about immigrants but not survivors.

To which someone replied...

That's a GREAT question.

But the use of the word "more" reflects what I suspect is a very common assumption.

That the Catholic Church is doing ANYTHING for survivors.

What MORE do Survivors Want?

As a survivor, what MORE do I want?

Help Survivors. Actually.

You know how the USCCB promises that all survivors are given the help of an Assistance Coordinator. Here's what happened when I tried to take the Archdiocese of St. Louis up on the USCCB's promise.

Tell the Truth

When I met with Archbishop Carson of the Archdiocese of St. Louis...

...I informed him of, and asked him to end, the Smear Campaign...

 ...the archdiocese of St. Louis is waging against me.

He hasn't.

And, presumably, won't.

End the Stonewalling

During my meeting with Archbishop Carlson, he offered to meet with me again. After waiting a few weeks, I started e-mailing Sandra Price at ArchStL, asking for that follow-up meeting. After initially refusing to schedule such a meeting, that's when it began...