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What's it like to be a survivor of abuse by a Catholic priest and to ask your (arch)bishop for help? Listen — and/or read — for yourself.

I met with my (arch)bishop on March 26, 2019 — something that only happens if they believe It Happened — and informed him of and asked him to end the Smear Campaign the Archdiocese of St. Louis was waging against me, among other things.

After waiting THREE MONTHS for him to act on my requests, and receiving only further stonewalling, I made the recording and the transcript of that meeting public.

That pissed off the Archdiocese of St. Louis, because I guess they're not used to people standing up to them and calling out and exposing their mistreatment of people.

And their general hypocrisy.

Archbishop Carlson Meeting

On March 26, 2019 I met with Archbishop Robert Carlson of the the Archdiocese of St. Louis (ArchStL). In the interests of the truth, and so that others can understand what it's like to — try to — get help from ArchStL, I (secretly) recorded that meeting.

I have also transcribed that recording.

Assistance Coordinator

Sandra Price admitted that to me during my March 26, 2019 meeting with Archbishop Robert Carlson and her, which I recorded and transcribed.

Just in case.

CO: I was never offered the services or told of the existence of an Assistance Coordinator. And this kinds of gets into our (Price and my) stuff. I don’t know what Hengen has told people, but…
SP: What is your understanding of what an Assistance Coordinator does?
CO: Well, that they are supposed to, you know, help set up, arrange for treatment, and help pay for treatment.
SP: OK. So, typically, what Carol (Brescia) does… And you’ve talked to Carol… What Carol does is… Anybody in the diocese is free to call her. And what she does is link people to therapists if they do not have one. So that’s kind of her role for us. She’s not necessarily somebody who’s going to make the determination if the therapy would to be paid for. That all happens through the review board. So I can’t again comment on what happened up to this point but certainly you have…you can call Carol.

To be clear, FINDING a psychologist isn't the hardest part of getting help. Rather, the hardest part of getting help is PAYING FOR THERAPY.

Terroristic Threats

During my meeting with Archbishop Carlson, I informed him that the Archdiocese of St. Louis had — falsely — accused me of having made Terroristic Threats against the Archdiocese...

CO: ...I know allegations have been made against me that I’ve made “Terroristic Threats” against the Archdiocese… (THE) Shrewsbury (POLICE DEPARTMENT) has a file with that heading…
SP: Can I comment on that? So we never, to my knowledge, called it a “Terroristic Threat.”
CO: That’s fine. That’s the the name of the file of the investigation.
SP: All I can do is say, “I’m sorry.”

...and I asked him to make it clear to the people of St. Louis that I did no such thing.

Seven months later, he has not.

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