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In my discussion of my experiences with Timothy Cardinal Dolan in the late 1970s and again in March 2002, I discuss a number of terrible things he did.

Turning a blind eye to sexual abuse.

And worse.

But how do I prove it happened?

Cardinal Dolan and Proving It

I'm in the process of contacting other guys I know who know about the connection between Timothy Cardinal Dolan and Fr. LeRoy Valentine. While I do that, let me attempt to make my case in another way, via documents and events.

Kuhnert Document

How can I prove that Cardinal Dolan was actually handling cases of abuse in March 2002?

I found the following document in the book "No Longer on Pedestals" via a Google search.


There should be just such a document, pertaining to my call to Cardinal Dolan and my allegations against Fr. LeRoy Valentine, in the file of Fr. LeRoy Valentine.

But there isn't.

Disappearing AllegationS

If Cardinal Dolan did nothing questionable, then why isn't my name or my allegation in the file of Fr. LeRoy Valentine?

During my May 9, 2011 meeting with a Review Team, they told me they had no record of my March 2002 conversations with Cardinal Dolan or the woman who I suspect was Nancy Brown.

In was also told by Bishop Rick Stika in August 2018, in a tweet that's still up...

 ...that my name and allegation weren't in the file of Fr. LeRoy Valentine when Stika was named Vicar for Priests in June 2002 and took over the supervision of abuse cases from Cardinal Dolan.

It makes no sense that Dolan or anyone would "disappear" my allegation from the file of Fr. LeRoy Valentine.

The Matrix

If Cardinal Dolan did nothing questionable, then why was I left out of the matrix?

In January 2014, under COURT ORDER, the Archdiocese of St. Louis produced a list of allegations it had received.

That list was incomplete.

I know, because my allegation wasn't in the matrix.

However, while ArchStL claimed on May 9, 2011 that they had no knowledge of my allegation, as of May 9, 2011 they did.

Yet my name was STILL left out of the matrix in January 2014.

And that is a criminal act; Perjury and perhaps Obstruction of Justice.

Why would ArchStL commit a criminal act except to protect someone powerful?

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