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Welcome to, where I discuss the different projects I am working on, including the Inverted W. If you are just getting to know me, you should know that my interests and experiences cover a pretty broad range.

The EpidemicAs a result the discussion about the base-ball pitcher injury epidemic, I have started putting together a piece called The Epidemic that gives my view of what is happening, why, and what we can do about it.

Secrets of Albert Pujols' Swing eBookMy newest hitting eBook is The Secrets of Albert Pujols' Swing. It is a detailed and  comprehensive analysis of the swing Albert Pujols, of one of the greatest complete hitters of all time. The Secrets of Albert Pujols' Swing is available as a PDF that costs just $14.95

After many years of dedicated study, I have developed a deep understanding of pitching mechanics and rotational hitting. My work, and especially my work on flaws like the Inverted W and Mark Prior's pitching mechanics, is followed by a number of major league scouts, physicians, and player development folks.

My hitting flipbooks, hitting clips and analyses and pitching clips and analyses are some of the more popular pages on my web site.

Rotational Hitting 101 explains how I teach the major league swing to baseball and fast pitch softball players. Pitching Mechanics 101 explains how I teach proper pitching mechanics to pitchers of all ages. Both are available on their own or as part of one of my value bundles.

My client site has significant amounts of additional information about hitting and pitching. All you have to do is register to be able to gain access to the free information on my client site and see how much, and what kinds, of information is available to my clients.

I have long been interested in innovation and entrepreneurship and have worked for a series of software start-ups as a result. Drawing upon these experiences, my book Elevator Pitch Essentials explains how to get your point across in two minutes or less.

Elevator Pitch ESSENTIALS Home Page

How to Get
Your Point Across in
Two Minutes
or Less

You can buy Elevator Pitch Essentials via my web site or through My Elevator Pitch primer is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with the concept of an elevator pitch.

I am in the process of writing a second book entitled The Paradox Of Pain that explains the critical -- but too often overlooked -- relationship between pain, change, and innovation.

Why the Brightest Innovations Grow
Out of the Darkest Emotions

The Paradox Of Pain Home Page
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