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SPOTLIGHT 20 Years Later by Chris O'Leary20 years ago, the first SPOTLIGHT articles, that revealed the Catholic sex abuse crisis in Boston, and inspired the movie of the same name, were released.

But what happened next?

After the articles and movie.

And the 2002 Dallas Charter and 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report?

And everything that followed.

What was it LIKE? How did it FEEL?

To be a survivor.

How did it AFFECT you? And your family?

And, above all else, has anything CHANGED?



The revelations of SPOTLIGHT, and the response of the church, are something the church and lay Catholics, would like to locate firmly in the past.


Which is understandable.

But is it appropriate?

Sacrificed Podcast

I first touched on this question in my podcast Sacrificed in an episode entitled...


The 20th anniversary of the release of the original SPOTLIGHT articles got me again looking at things.

Whether anything has CHANGED.



And the answer isn't encouraging.

That's likely not what people WANT to hear, but it's what they NEED to hear, if another wave of damaged and destroyed lives, and scandal, is to be avoided.

And the Catholic Church is to be saved.


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