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Alex Bregman's SwingThe Simplest Swing is the essence of a good baseball or fast pitch softball swing.

It takes into account the fact that hitting can be complicated.

Because the high-level swing pattern IS complicated.


By necessity.

As I learned during my experience working with Andres Torres, you have to move VERY well if you want to be successful at the major league level.

And, as I learned in my time working with Tommy Pham, even the smallest flaw will have a huge impact.

But what if your goal is just make contact?

That's where the Simplest Swing comes into play.

The Simplest Swing

These are some of my favorite pictures of hitters and, if you look at them in sequence, you will see the very core of the swing, regardless of whether you're talking about baseball or fast-pitch softball.

Simplest Swing

Joe Dimaggio

Simplest Swing

Barry Bonds

Simplest Swing

Joe Mauer

Simplest Swing

Alex Bregman

One thing I hope this sequence makes clear is the reason why I use the term Rotational Hitting.

Simplest Swing
Simplest Swing
Simplest Swing
Simplest Swing

At the most most basic level, hitting is just a matter of Rotating.

Of starting in a good, simple hitting position.

And just turning.

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