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Archbishop Robert Carlson is my (arch) bishop, and the person to whom I went for help shortly after the Pope's sex abuse summit in February 2019, a meeting I recorded...

Just in case.

Why did I do that?

Because +Carlson is also the Catholic bishop in this (in)famous deposition.

Archbishop Robert Carlson - Full Deposition

And this portion of that deposition, in particular, in which he hems and haws about if and when he knew it was a crime to have sex with a child.

Archbishop Carlson on Criminal Child Sexual Abuse

I suspected I couldn't trust Archbishop Carlson.

And I was right.

Archbishop Robert Carlson

On March 26, 2019 I met with Archbishop Robert Carlson and Sandra Price of the Archdiocese of St. Louis at the Cardinal Rigali Center in Shrewsbury, Missouri.

While the Archdiocese of St. Louis has publicly told the people of St. Louis, via the press, that I'm a liar...

…when asked to comment on O’Leary’s account, “The archdiocese’s record of Mr. O’Leary’s allegations are significantly different...Jones also said the information O’Leary shared initially changed multiple times...

...the fact is that meeting only happens if ArchStL believes one thing.

It Happened.

One of the tactics that Archbishop Carlson, and many of the bishops of the Catholic Church, employ is a defense based on saying...

  • I wasn't there.
  • I didn't know.

As a result, my main objective was to ensure that, at least from that point going forward — as of March 26, 2019 — Archbishop Carlson would no longer be able to employ that defense.

During our meeting, I was able to...

  1. Inform Archbishop Carlson of the existence of the Smear Campaign ArchStL had been running against me for the past year.
  2. Ask Archbishop Carlson to end that same Smear Campaign.

To tell the truth.

Instead, all I got was (more) stonewalling.

After three months passed, with no action being taken by Archbishop Carlson on my information or my request, I made the recording public.

That's just part of what I call the...

I have reported all of this to the Vatican, since they represent... we'll see if the Pope is serious about helping survivors.

But, sadly, I doubt he is.


At the same time I was trying to let the St. Louis Post-Dispatch know about Archbishop Carlson's behavior towards and treatment of survivors, they were putting together this...

While Archbishop Robert Carlson and the Archdiocese of St. Louis TALK a good game, their actions say something different.

What's worse, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch seems unconcerned that the picture they painted of Aarchbishop Robert Carlson has little to do with the reality of the man and how he treats survivors of abuse by priests.