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Essays About Pitching Mechanics

There is a lot of advice about pitching out there on the web. Some of it is good, but most of it is bad, if not actually harmful.

Listed below are links to essays I have written that summarize the best advice that I have found. If you are new to my work, then my Pitching Mechanics 101 essay is a good place to start. Other of my more popular essays include...

   - Pitcher Injury Predictions
   - The Epidemic
      - Why the Plague of Elbow Injuries? 
   - Pitching Injury Prevention
      - Inverted W   
         - Death to the Inverted W
               - Mark Prior's Mechanics 
               - Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
               - Nyman's Inverted W Defense 
         - Death to the Inverted V
         - Death to the Inverted L
      - Pitching Mechanics, Injuries, the Verducci...
      - Hyperabduction
      - Scapular Loading
   - Proper Pitching Mechanics
   - A Revised Baseball Pitching Cycle
      - Problems with the NPA's Event Sequence Model

Listed below are a select few pitching mechanics analyses, particularly pitchers with problematic pitching mechanics...

   - Matt Harvey's Pitching Mechanics 
   - Mark Prior's Pitching Mechanics 
   - Stephen Strasburg's Pitching Mechanics
   - Adam Wainwright's Mechanics and the Inverted W

Some of the other important articles that I have written about pitching and pitching mechanics are below...

   - Pitching Mechanics 101
   - Do Altered Pitching Mechanics Lead To Injuries?
   - A Growth Plate Fracture is a Bad Thing
   - Proper Throwing Mechanics
   - Medial (Inner) Elbow Pain

Dr. Mike Marshall is worth taking a look at, even if all of his ideas don't hold up.

   - Dr. Mike Marshall: My Current View
   - Dr. Mike Marshall: What He Got Right
   - How I Apply Dr. Mike Marshall's Ideas

Finally, below are links to other articles that I have written about pitching and pitching mechanics...

   -'s Top 20 Young Pitchers
   - Hate Mail And Such
   - The Truth About Tommy John Surgery
   - LL Baseball and "Proper" Pitching Mechanics
   - Daisuke Matsuzaka's Pitching Mechanics
   - How To Protect Young Pitchers
   - The Great Long-Arming Myth
   - Proper Elbow Positioning
   - Major Leaguers and the Marshall Pitching Motion
   - My Concerns About Anthony Reyes
   - The Myth Of The Evil Screwball
   - The Great Arm Slot Myth
   - The Limits Of Conditioning
   - The Limits Of Pronating
   - Pronate Early (But Not Too Early)

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