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Point Of Contact

One day I was on Youtube watchiing yet another spectacularly bad discussion of hitting and illustration of what a good swing looks like...

Bad Swing Advice

Bad Swing Advice

After coming away laughing from that piece, I clicked on one of the recommended links and watched some of this video.

While parts of it aren't terrible, what struck me was what the demonstrater said about the Point Of Contact...

It doesn't matter who it is. You can look at any picture on the Internet. You can Google guys. Look at their swings. I don't care if they are singles hitters or power hitters. Every single major league hitter is right here at the Point Of Contact.

As he said this, he demonstrated the position that he was talking about.1

Point Of Contact - Perception

Point Of Contact

The thing is that, while he was completely definitive about what the proper Point Of Contact looks like, as I discuss in Truth in Hitting, the truth about the ideal Point Of Contact is quite different.


[1] Among other problems with this illustration, given that he clearly says that every pitch will be hit from this position, then the presenter has no understanding of the critical concept of Adjustability.

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