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If you are new to my work -- and to my work on hitting in particular -- here are links to, and information about, the various hitting-related projects I am working on.

The Hitting Mechanic

The Hitting Mechanic is a collection of essays that discuss proper hitting mechanics and, in particular, an approach called Rotational Hitting. These essays have been used by hitters like Andres Torres of the San Francisco Giants to rebuild their swings.

Truth in Hitting

Because there is so much bad information out there, and because it causes so man problems for hitters and their coaches, I have put together a new series of essays called Truth in Hitting that discuss the various myths about hitting that persist and how the best baseball and fast pitch softball swings actually look and work.

Professional Hitter Analyses

In order to help people understand what the swings of major league baseball players actually look like, I have created a number of analyses of the swings and hitting mechanics of major league baseball players. This includes frame by frame analyses of the swing of Albert Pujols and a flipbook analysis of the swing of Albert Pujols PDF.

Hitting DVD and Other Products

So many people asked me if I had a DVD that discusses hitting mechanics, and rotational hitting in particular, that I finally put together a DVD called Rotational Hitting 101.

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