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Keep the Barrel Above
the Ball and the Hands

The idea is simple.

The barrel of the bat should stay above the ball and the hands through the Point Of Contact.

The logic behind the idea, which is part of what is generally referred to as the A to C swing, is that you do not want to introduce a loop into the swing that will lengthen the swing, create an Uppercut, and lead to pop-ups.

The problem is that, while that idea may make sense in theory, the question is always whether that theory matches up with reality; whether that describes what the best hitters actually do when they swing the bat.

As I discuss in Truth in Hitting, what the best hitters do is quite different than what is so widely taught.

I think that one reason that this cue has persisted is because, as my conversations with Andres Torres have made clear, this cue does work for some hitters in some cases. However, major problems can arise when coaches create drills to try to enforce this cue.

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