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The Book

When starting a business, you need to get relevant fast. Understanding and relieving customer pain is the single most proven path to that goal. This is a great book to get you headed on the fast track.

- Geoffrey Moore

This is extraordinary stuff.

- Howard Bloom

The Idea.

When people talk about innovation and entrepreneurship, more often than not that’s where they start.

They talk about creativity.

They talk about thinking outside the box.

They talk about doing something that's never been done before.

What's strange is that, if you study the stories of successful entrepreneurs, in many cases you will find that their stories generally don’t start with The Idea.

Instead, they start with something else.

The Problem.

The Paradox of Pain explains why The Problem is so important to innovation and entrepreneurship and how, by focusing on The Problem, would-be entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, and others can dramatically increase the odds that they will be successful.

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