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Innpraneurship: Entrepreneurial activity whose aim is to create a product or service that is entirely new to the world.

- Chris O'Leary

Many people and books lump together the words "innovation" and "entrepreneurship" as if they are synonymous when, in fact, they are not.

Not all entrepreneurial activities are innovative.

I bring this up because in this book I want to discuss the intersection of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. By that, I mean entrepreneurial activities that are innovative in nature, and not just execution plays.

That may not seem like an important distinction, but the fact is that much of the entrepreneurial activity that takes place isn't particularly innovative.

For instance, while opening up the first Subway restaurant, and building the Subway business model, was a very innovative act, opening up the 1,257th Subway restaurant, while entrepreneurial, generally isn't particularly innovative.

Of course, there's nothing wrong, and much that is right, about following the franchise-based model of entrepreneurship.

But that's not what I'm talking about in this book.

In this book, what I am focused on are new to the world products; companies and people that seemingly create something out of nothing.

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