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When it comes to the baseball swing, people tend to teach what they were taught, regardless of whether it worked for them or not.

The Baseball Swing

Reading Charley Lau's The Art of Hitting .300 killed my baseball swing almost instantaneously. While I was never a great hitter, due to my skinny arms and the heavy, wood baseball bats we used, when I tried to copy George Brett's baseball swing — or, more accurately, the one Charley Lau had him demonstrate for his book — I immediately stopped hitting.

I found it impossible to make contact with the baseball while trying to time out my swing to hit it at full extension as George Brett (supposedly) did.

What's bizarre in retrospect is, as my kids got older, I started out teaching them what I had been taught. I taught them to make the Power V and hit the ball at full extension at the point of contact.

I have put together a number of free pieces that discuss what I have learned over the years about the baseball swing and how to teach it.

In addition to these free resources that explain how to hit a baseball, I have also put together a streaming DVD and a number of eBooks and webbooks that explain how to hit a baseball.

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