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Pitching Mechanics Analysis
Carlos Martinez

I spend most of my time looking at the pitching mechanics of guys with problematic pitching mechanics. However, every once in a while I come across a pitcher with quality pitching mechanics. Carlos Martinez, a pitching prospect for the St. Louis Cardinals, is just such a pitcher.

Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez

The nearest comparable for Carlos Martinez is Justin Verlander. That judgment is base on Carlos Martinez's arm action, his timing, and his velocity.

Carlos Martinez Arm Action

Carlos Martinez
Arm Action

The thing to focus on is Carlos Martinez's timing. Notice how, at the moment his Glove Side (GS) foot plants, Carlos Martinez's Pitching Arm Side (PAS) forearm is externally rotated 90 degrees.

That is the hallmark of good timing.

Of course, there are a thousand ways that Carlos Martinez could fail. For instance, there's some indication that he tips his pitches; I could tell every time he was about to throw his curveball by watching his PAS wrist. I'm also slightly concerned that, like Freddy Garcia, his PAS forearm gets up a bit early and pauses for a frame or two.

However, Carlos Martinez has to be regarded as a truly intriguing prospect.

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