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The List by Chris O'Leary

Since 2005, I have been making predictions about injuries to pitchers. The public version of The List...

... had so many hits that the volume of requests has skyrocketed. In order to manage that volume, I'm taking the list private and asking people to make a small contribution to view the private version...

Anybody can ask me a question about a pitcher. Just tweet me @thepainguy

Subscription Levels

To view my answers, you have to register and be a subscriber.

The List

Annual access to The List, which includes high-level evaluations of pitchers AND hitters, costs only $6.95

The List: Premium Edition

If you are looking for more information and/or want to learn more about pitching and hitting mechanics, then the premium edition of The List is for you. It costs just $24.95

The premium edition of The List includes access to all of The Epidemic and select pitching and hitting mechanics pieces that go into some of the details of mechanics.

The List: Upgrade

Want to upgrade from the basic version of The List to the Premium Edition? That costs only $19.95  

Accessing the List

To access The List, you need to register for my client site.

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