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Pope Francis is widely portrayed as a reformer. However, as a survivor of the Catholic sex abuse crisis, who is directly affected by the Pope's initiatives, I can tell you that all I see are lies.


VOS ESTIS LUX MUNDI, or just Vos Estis, is a de Facto survivor's bill of rights that was signed by the Pope in mid 2019.

The problem is it's a sham.

A fraud.

A cruel taunt directed at survivors.

I've tried to assert my rights as a survivor, as laid out in VOS ESTIS, to the Archdiocese of St. Louis, multiple times.

But they won't do anything.

At best.

And that is because, while the Pope SIGNED Vos Estis, he refuses to ENFORCE Vos Estis.

I've sent FIVE letters to the Vatican, over the past 14 months, laying out Violations of VOS ESTIS by the Archdiocese of St. Louis and I've never received a reply.

That is despite Cardinal Sean O'Malley hand delivering one of those letters to the Pope in September 2019.

Cardinal Sean O'Malley