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That's the Catholic Church's new mantra.

And, presumably, the explanation for so many of its problematic responses during the sex abuse crisis.

Of course, Germany was unified under Hitler.

So maybe Unity isn't all it's cracked up to be.


What price unity?

Just everything.

The White Rose

The White Rose promoted disunity.

And discord.

Should the Catholic Church have joined with the Nazi party in the furtherance of unity?

The American Revolution

Certainly the promoters of Unity in the Catholic Church understand that the American Revolution was a blow to Unity?

Of the British empire.

So does that make it unjust?


Fr. Mark White

Assuming they didn't...

“For more than a year, in fact since the fall of 2018, in my judgment Father Mark White has worked against the unity of the Church, promoted disrespect for the Holy Father, the Church hierarchy, his bishop, and has demonstrated a will adverse to obedience to the bishop of his diocese, which he took an oath to uphold at his ordination,” the bishop wrote in his letter to White’s parishioners.
- Bishop Knestout

Virginia priest in battle with bishop over blog blasting Church’s abuse response

I have a responsibility to ensure all ministries within the diocese work to unify and build the Body of Christ, not cause further discord. I have an obligation to ensure that those who serve our faithful are able to do so in a way that the Church expects. My heart, my desire, and my responsibility are the communion of this community not only for this parish, but every parish in the diocese.”
While restricted from his ministerial role, Father White is prohibited from any form of practicing Church ministry which includes the public celebration of the sacraments and exercising any official functions related to the office of a pastor.
- Bishop Knestout

Bishop Knestout Suspends Priest from Active Ministry in the Catholic Diocese of Richmond


But WITHOUT survivors.

And, in fact, AGAINST survivors.

Just a reminder that the Catholic Church considers survivors enemies of the church because we...

  1. Hurt Unity.
  2. Promote discord.

All by telling the truth.

This is of Satan.