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In December 2018 I met with a friend.

Well, he used to be a friend.

He had seen my posts on Facebook and wanted to talk.

He's a couple years older than me and it turned out he had been at Immacolata for 8th grade and saw Fr. Valentine in action, especially when Fr. V had just arrived at Immacolata and had started acting out.

We met at the Half & Half in Webster and he told my his story.

His mom figured it out -- she, at least, knew there was something wrong -- and forbade him from EVER attending another pool party or game night at what Fr. Valentine was present.

But she didn't do anything to protect anyone else.

When I asked him if he would let me record his statement, much less speak to the press, he got angry.


What's going on?

I can only assume -- hope -- what he was exhibiting was survivor's guilt.