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With Kamala Harris' selection as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democrat party, I'm reminded of my favorite scene from the movie SPOTLIGHT.

And this absolutely devastating quote.

Robbie, as well intentioned as Bill's remarks are, I'm hoping we can keep this between us until we can all get on the same page.


The problem with Kamala Harris is that, when faced with a similar situation, she made the wrong choice.

She chose to get on the same page.

To play ball.

To stay quiet.

As San Francisco DA, Kamala Harris's Office Stopped Cooperating With Victims of Clergy Abuse

Thanks to Kamala Harris’s predecessor, the San Francisco DA’s office had files on clergy sex abusers. But Harris refused to share them with victims.
...when it came to taking on the Catholic Church, survivors of clergy sexual abuse say that Harris turned a blind eye, refusing to take action against clergy members accused of sexually abusing children when it meant confronting one of the city’s most powerful political institutions.