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Why's it so hard to (just) move on?

Because I'm not sure anything has changed.

I still see enabling in to many places, starting with Catholic groups that are trying to demonstrate their loyalty to the Pope.

Regardless of his actions.

Enabling: Now

The really scary and depressing thing about the current state is how little Catholics have learned.

They still don't know to listen to the actions of the Catholic Church.

Not its words.

Fratelli Tutti

The other day I came across yet another tweet about Fratelli Tutti and how important it is.

Tweets by a group that refuses to discuss the fact that Pope Francis refuses to enforce VOS ESTIS, his survivors' bill of rights.

It’s hard to express how completely HORRIBLE it is to see people — especially Catholic bloggers — extolling Fratelli Tutti and refusing to acknowledge, much less discuss, the Pope’s refusal to enforce VOS ESTIS.

You're not demonstrating your loyalty.

You're not helping.


And you’re making it clear that you, the laity, and the Catholic Church haven’t — that you refuse to — learn your lesson.

Which means, ultimately, that kids remain at risk.

Survivors too.

But you don’t seem to give a damn about us.