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One of roles that put Tom Hanks on the map was his performance in the movie Big.

In Big, Hanks plays a boy named Josh who is granted his wish to instantly become older. He spends the course of the movie both trying to survive and figuring out how to get things back to the way things are. Then there's the happy ending.

But what if there was no happy ending?

What if Josh never found out how to get back to his self?

I know the answer to that question because I live it pretty much every day.

Man Suit

The worst part about That Day was what happened to me.

I'm not talking about being raped.

I'm talking about my mind and my body — or, as D put it to me, my head and my heart — got split up.

While my body kept growing and getting older, my mind got stuck in that place.

And it's still stuck there.

I didn't notice this for quite a while. I was precocious as a child and was thinking about entrepreneurship and innovation when my peers were thinking about cars and girls. However, over the past 15 years or so, the feeling of being a child trapped in a man suit has gotten stronger, and avoiding that feeling is one big reason why I rarely leave my cocoon any more.

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