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On top of everything I'm dealing with, I'm also dealing with Post Concussion Syndrome as a result of a car accident in late August 2018.


I was trying to (just) move on, but my car accident and the resulting Concussion -- which was my second if not my third -- changed everything.

Made moving on impossible.

At least for the following two years.

And, as I write this in August 2020, and I don't feel ANY better, I don't know for how much longer.

Music helps distract me.

It helps me feel safe.

But it only makes everything worse when I'm in the middle of a migraine, as I have been for the past three weeks.


I have a headache every day. LITERALLY every day. pretty much all day. I'd describe it as a 2, but I'm used to it. You'd probably describe it as a 4 or 5.

I live every day in fear of getting a concussion. Which forces me to be very careful about how I move.

Just thinking brings on headaches.


Part of me uses music to try to keep from being triggered.

I hide in the music.

In the beat.

But that makes it hard to think.

And gives me a headache.

So it's often hard to function.

State Farm

State Farm is the insurance company for the person who caused the accident, and they've been terrible, starting with the fact that, in the first year, they would send me letters telling me to call them.

I'd do so.

And they'd never call me back.


I try to think, and my head starts to hurt.


And I get dizzy.


I want to close my eyes.

To go to sleep.

I think it's an interaction of my standard response to the abuse stuff and being triggered and my concussion.