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Problem with the Insider Bat

When I look at this clip...

Insider Bat

The Insider Bat

...I see a kid who has to do a lot of problematic stuff in order to hit the ball back up the middle.

This swing looks fine at full speed, with a nice line drive up the middle. But if you go through it frame by frame, you can see that, because he is trying to hit the ball back up the middle and because there is that bend in the barrel, the batter has to push disconnect to get his hands out in front of the barrel in order to hit the ball straight.[1]

A push disconnect is a BAD thing that will kill a swing as you get older; it's the number one problem I see in the swings of my higher-level clients.[2]

If he was swinging correctly, he would pull hook everything.

[1] This may be deliberate because one of the stated goals of the bat is to encourage the hands to get ahead of the barrel at contact.

[2] This is an example of what I mean by some people and tools are encouraging people to put into their swings things that I am trying to get out of their swings.

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