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Client Access

This page enables people who have bought my Hitting Mechanics 101 DVD and/or my Pitching Mechanics 101 DVD to access content that is reserved for just my clients. To access this content, which includes my hitting and pitching flipbooks, click on the link below to go to my private client site. Then click on the Login link and enter the user name and password you were provided


Please note that I'm in the progress of migrating my content over to this new site, so for a week or so it may not have the same breadth of content as my old client site.

E-mail me if you have purchased my hitting and/or pitching DVD and have not received your personalized username and password.

Notice of Restricted & Proprietary Content

Please note that the information that is only available for my hitting and pitching clients is both copyright and proprietary. It may not be copied, posted to another web site, or even linked to from another web site. Any person who copies, posts, or links to this information from another web site will be banned from this web site.

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