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What Happened to Matt Harvey?What happened to Matt Harvey?

Likely in an attempt to boost his velocity, but perhaps because it's what everybody (now) teaches, Matt Harvey incorporated a common shortcut or trick, which I call the Tommy John Twist, into his arm action.

The problem is that trick, which is taught using the cue to Point the Ball at Second Base or Center Field, works by creating a Timing problem.

That Timing problem first got Matt Harvey's elbow and then got his shoulder.

As so often happens.

What's worse, Matt Harvey's problems were obvious from the beginning.

I saw Matt Harvey's problems coming well in advance, as is shown by my...

This is an overview of what happened to Matt Harvey. For more detail, see my...

What Happened to Matt Harvey

I have personal experience with Matt Harvey and know what he was taught and why that was problematic.


To sum up, Matt Harvey had four flaws in his pitching mechanics.

Point the Ball at Second Base

The root cause of Matt Harvey's problems is a — very common — cue that is taught as...

Tommy John Twist

The problem with teaching pitchers to Point the Ball to...

  • Second Base
  • Center Field

is that it can lead to a problematic, and increasingly common, pattern that I call the...

Power T

I once read a piece in which Matt Harvey described wanting his arm action to be as long as possible, which I led to a problem I call the...

Timing Problem

The Tommy John Twist is a problem because, and only when, it creates a problem with a pitcher's...


Why should you believe me?

Because Matt Harvey's problems were no surprise to me; as soon as I saw his major league pitching mechanics, I knew he was going to struggle to stay healthy.

And I said so, repeatedly, via my Twitter account @thepainguy.

If you want to know what I said about Matt Harvey's pitching mechanics, you can search Twitter or just look at the Tweets below.

I tried, on multiple occasions, to alert Matt Harvey and his father to the problem, but they ignored me.

Unfortunately, Matt Harvey blocked me on Twitter.

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