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While the epidemic of injuries in baseball pitchers is a problem, it isn't THAT big of a deal.

Yes, it's shortening careers, but it's not KILLING anyone.


That's the assumption and the narrative.

But it's no longer the reality.

Because of the dramatic rise in -- ultimately unnecessary, and risky -- surgeries due to baseball's fixation on velocity.

And, eventually, the increasing incidence of Blood Clots in baseball pitchers.

I discuss my concerns in my longer piece on TICaNS, but let me give a quick overview, here.

TICaNS: An Overview

In all likelihood, Danny Farquhar's -- career-ending -- brain injury was just one of those things.

However, there's a chance it wasn't.

That it's part of a growing problem with the increasing incidence of Blood Clots in baseball pitchers.

How could Blood Clots have ANYTHING to do with pitching mechanics and brain injuries in pitchers?

It's just a theory, but this tweet from a follower helps to boost my concerns.

The concern is that modern pitching mechanics aren't just increasing the risk of blood clots and nerve problems in baseball pitchers -- the two key problems of what I call Throwing Induced Coagulation and Neuropathy Syndrome (TICaNS) -- but, as the tweet above suggests, they may be causing systemic blood pressure surges.

Which may cause problems like the one Danny Farquhar experienced.

And, if you think this is much ado about nothing, consider this.

First, there's the danger posed by Blood Clots, period.

Second, because of the pitching mechanics being taught, and the risks that result, the problem of pitchers needing Tommy John surgery, which isn't 100% successful.

And worse.

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