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Johnny Cueto Arm SlotArm slot and injuries, and the relationship between the two, is a popular question.

In sum, Arm Slot isn't a huge contributor to injuries in baseball pitchers.

In adults.

While Jim Palmer and a few other pitchers may have had to retire, in part, due to an arm slot problem, such issues are fairly rare.

As a result, Arm Slot isn't my main focus, at least when it comes to injuries.

In adults.

However, there is some evidence that lower Arm Slots — low 3/4 and sidearm — are bad for kids, at least.

Arm Slot & Injuries

According to the paper The Relationship of Throwing Arm Mechanics and Elbow Varus Torque...

Contrary to the hypothesis, decreased arm slot was also associated with increased elbow varus torque.

And, anecdotally, I hurt my arm tryng to throw sidearm to submarine, so I taught my boys to throw more over the top. pronounced shoulder tilt and could be described as someone who threw from a 3/4 arm slot.

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