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Inverted W Pitching MechanicsInverted Arms is a term that often comes up in discussions of pitching mechanics in general and the Inverted W in particular. But what does it mean? Exaactly? Actually? This piece discusses and explains the term "Inverted Arms" and the general topic of the Inverted W as it pertain to pitching mechanics and pitching injuries.

Inverted Arms in Pitching

To understand what inverted arms are and why — and if — they are problematic, you first need to understand...

In sum, Inverted Arms are only a problem if they create a Timing problem.

Which they TEND to — but don't always — do.


Because of the importance of Timing, I define Inverted Arms as arms that are inverted in the pitching delivery at a moment in time such that they will increase the likelihood of creating a Timing problem.

In other words, Inverted Arms are much more of a problem if they occur LATER in the delivery than if they occur EARLIER in the delivery.

The problem with Anthony Reyes' Inverted Arms — and why it got his arm — wasn't just that he made the Inverted W, but that he made it so LATE on in his delivery.

Inverted Arms

Anthony Reyes' Inverted Arms

However, Inverted Arms that occur EARLY in the delivery are still problematic because they will still increase the likelihood a pitcher will develop a Timing problem.


Some examples of Inverted Arms which are late enough to cause problems are below.

Inverted Arms

Jeremy Bonderman's Inverted Arms

Inverted Arms

Scott Williamson's Inverted Arms

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