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It was July 2005 when I came across the paragraph that was to change my life.

In fact, two mechanical flaws, backward lean in the balance position and early hand separation, correlated with a decreased risk of elbow pain. Two other flaws, a long arm swing and arm ahead of the body at the time of ball release, correlated with a decreased risk of shoulder pain.

As soon as I read this, the thought came to me.

How can a bunch of smart people say something so DUMB?


Unnovation is those things that inhibit or even prevent Innovation. That includes a lack of incentives and rewards and, worse, ideas like Not Invented Here.

You know what Innovation is, but what's its opposite?

Its antithesis?

I call it Unnovation.

Unnovation is those things that inhibit or even prevent innovation.

Lack of Incentives

If the presence of Incentives -- rewards for the inevitable hard work -- helps to ensure that Innovation happens, then their absence is part of Unnovation.

Why should people work hard(er) and take risks if there's no reason to?

If they won't get anything out of it?

Not Invented Here

While many problems to solutions grow out of the circumstances of the problem, not all of them do.

Sometimes, problem are best seen, and solved, by outsiders.

Unnovation means adopting, legitimizing, or failing to squash, a sense of Not Invented Here that rejects anything from the outside. 

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