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While Jeff Passan didn't help with the publication his book "The Arm," people still seemed to understand, and tell others to stay away from, the problem with a movement I call the Inverted W.

The problem is that's all changed.

Elbow Spiral

The Elbow Spiral is Driveline's resurrection of my old nemesis the Inverted W and its cousins the Inverted L and the Inverted V, all of which make up what I call the Inverted Arm Actions

Elbow Spiral

Elbow Spiral

More generally, the Elbow Spiral is a renaming of Paul Nyman's concept of Elbow Lifting, if not Scap Loading.

What's so despicable about Driveline's advocacy of the Elbow Spiral (Staircase) is that it's the flaw I helped Kyle Boddy fix back in 2007 and 2008.

And Kyle is now selling it.

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