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Contact Chris O'Leary

You can contact me...

Via E-Mail

Via Phone or Text

  • 314.494.1324 (Cell)

I don't answer my phone when I'm writing or coaching, and I'm pretty much always writing or coaching, so it's best to text me first before calling me.

Customer Service Matters

For customer service matters regarding products you have purchased or are interested in purchasing, please e-mail

Please Note

I've started getting an overwhelming volume of calls and e-mails from fans. You should e-mail me if you want to make sure I see something. I guarantee you that I read every e-mail I get. However, I don't always have time to respond to people's comments (but I certainly do appreciate them).

Press Inquiries

I am available for interviews and can usually handle deadline and short turn-around requests. The best way to contact me is to e-mail me and also text me. It's best to text me before calling because I generally don't answer my phone when I'm writing, and I'm basically always writing or coaching.

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