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Fr. LeRoy Valentine is a serial rapist who I know well.

He was my abuser.

What's especially damning about the story of Fr. Valentine is the behavior of Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

Father, then Bishop, and now Cardinal Dolan knew about and saw Fr. Valentine's inappropriate actions and turned a blind eye to abuse.

Hello Chris my name is R_____, I graduated from Immacolata in 198_, was a alter boy and had to get “hair cuts” from Fr. Valentine in his bedroom, so I unfortunately know too. What angers me as much is several times leaving Valentines bedroom, fr. Timothy Dolan, now Cardinal Dolan lived in the room next door & would be standing right there & never did anything.

Then, in early March 2002, Cardinal Dolan Gaslighted me when I came to him for help.

I know Leroy Valentine didn't do any of the things he's being accused of.
I know he would never do anything to hurt a child.